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Tri-Anglia is the best represented club for our new Outlaw Half Holkham event, and since they are local to the area, we decided to catch up with them, to find out a bit more about Tri-Anglia and get some insider information on the course!

1) When was Tri-Anglia first set up?

We aren’t completely sure when the club was originally set up, we have some Waveney results from 2001 where key club members were racing as Road Runners Centre. The 2003 results have them listed as Tri-Anglia.  We don't have the 2002 results. From that we have deduced that Tri-Anglia came into existence somewhere between May 2001 and May 2003.

Tri-Anglia was formed to develop and promote the sports of triathlon in and around Norfolk and North Suffolk. We achieve this by organising the Diss Duathlon, Spring Waveney Triathlon, Norwich Junior Triathlon, Norwich Triathlon and Autumn Waveney Triathlon. Our membership now comprises over 500 people organising and participating at various levels from complete novices through to national level in the sports of triathlon which includes swimming, open water swimming, cycling, running, aquathlons, duathlons and triathlon.

The aims and objectives of the club are:

To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in triathlon

To promote the club within the local community and triathlon

To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club

To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone. 

Our mission statement is:

To promote and develop the sports of triathlon within Norfolk particularly for our members.


2) Where are you based?

Tri-Anglia is a Norfolk and North Suffolk club with a strong hold of membership in Norwich, we don’t have a physical base but many consider Whittlingham Broad to be the home of the club. We hold our open water swimming training sessions at the Broad on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings during the spring and summer months, it is also host to the Norwich Triathlon events.


3) Who runs the club?

The Club is run by it’s members. We have a committee who are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the membership.


4) How much training do you offer?

Training provided includes junior swim and run sessions, multiple adult swim sessions, some highly acclaimed open water sessions, bike rides, run effort sessions, turbo sessions, training triathlons, training duathlons, run handicaps and talks.  These vary according to time of year and we're looking to develop and grow these sessions.  Additionally members are well connected with each other to link up for more specific and appropriate training to help get to their goal events be that their very first triathlon, a qualifying event, a significant milestone event, an ironman or an international representation. 


5) What club events do you run?

Races that the club hosts are Diss Duathlon (already completed 3rd April), Spring Waveney Triathlon (already completed 8th May), Norwich Junior Triathlon (already completed 11th June), Norwich Triathlon (10th July, TE Event of the Year 2015) and Autumn Waveney Triathlon (11th September), which are recognised as being exceptionally well organised and have won awards. We have multiple additional club events such as Broadsman, Lotus Duathlons, Club Handicaps and Club Triathlons.


6) What are you most looking forward to at the Outlaw Half Holkham?

We are looking forward to the Outlaw Half Holkham bringing a middle distance event to Norfolk to complement and fit with the events that are provided in the county.  Other triathletes will be visiting our county to experience swimming, biking and running here, hopefully they'll enjoy it and return for further events. 

If you're thinking that it is flat and fast, then you've got the fens of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire in your minds; North Norfolk isn't like that.  Also, North Norfolk has a lot of flint. Small shards are often to be found on the roads of Norfolk, especially North Norfolk and definitely after any rain.  We have a higher than average puncture rate here as a result.  So top tip - puncture resistant tyres and expect some lumps.

Already some of us have tried out the cycle course.  The first part is on fairly rural roads with some undulation.  You head out west to reach the furthest point at the Sandringham estate before returning on the A148.  You can really get your head down and time trial east towards Fakenham. Then you head north back to Holkham Hall.

The 3 lap run is in the grounds of Holkham Hall and first up is a long climb from transition to the needle monument.  You'll be glad to get that out of the way (three times) before heading into the farm tracks within the grounds.  Each lap finishes in front of the Hall if you are able to look up at that point!


7) How can we spot Tri-Anglia members at Outlaw Half Holkham?

Tri-Anglia has around 90 club members signed up for Holkham and many of them will be our wearing club kit.  It is a vibrant red, black and yellow design taking from the colours of the Norfolk county flag and is always easy to see when fellow club mates are at the same race.  This will be a great opportunity to have so many of us on the course at once.  Nothing spurs you on like the chance to catch a club mate.  And since there are so many of us, we are bound to bring an adornment of our flags, banners and gazebos to make our own race village.  You'll certainly know where our support station and after event party is!

Find out more about Tri-Anglia HERE