Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon Training Programmes

Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon Training Programmes

Posted by on 7th December 2016


Waking up in January with a mountain to climb and little fitness will boost your chances of injury and illness in the build up to the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon 2017. At RunningWithUs we have put together 4 training plans using our many years of experience in coaching beginners through to race winners at this event and many others around the UK.

Choosing the right plan for you will be key, along with adapting the plan along the way to fit in with your busy life and schedule. Our email helpline is also there to answer any burning questions or provide support if you hit a problem along the way with injury or illness. We want you on the start line at the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon healthy and in the best shape possible.

Once you have signed up to get your training plan we will contact you to find out which programme you would like to receive. 


If very new to running or you are stepping back into exercise the half marathon is still possible but needs a careful and sensible approach. Our walk/run get you round plan is exactly that. There are 12 weeks of walk/run easy-to-follow training routines that will boost your fitness. By race day you will be ready to run most of the way with perhaps just a few strategic brisk walking sections. From experience this could still get you home in just under 2 hours 30 minutes smiling and collecting that well deserved race day medal!


I run most weeks but this is my first half marathon - If this is you then our beginners plan could be the perfect fit. You really can train for a half marathon on just 3 runs a week and anything more a bonus and only sensible if injury unlikely. Building up a longer run each week, a simple threshold running session and perhaps one pre breakfast weekly workout will see you strong and consistent on race day. Being able to run 5k without stopping might be a guide for starting this plan but not essential as the early weeks build your fitness. A weekly cross training session and some conditioning would also be wise but training wont take over your life. 


I've run a half marathon before but want to get faster - Our improvers plan will see you running 3-5 times a week and building the key elements to successful half marathon prep in a way that challenges and creates the strong athlete. Early weeks may look relatively easy but the final 6 week period into race day will contain race pace practice, key long runs, bigger threshold workouts and some speed work. We would expect you to be running 3-5 times a week and adding some cross training into your weekly mix already. You don't call yourself a performance athlete but deep inside there is a desire to run that little bit faster.


I have run for years and want to train more like a pro - The experienced plan will take you on a journey of threshold runs, clever hills and interval sessions combined to create the perfect peak on rest day. Add in long runs with threshold, race pace and progression to also get you thinking half marathon specific for 12 weeks. We have coached many winners to half marathons around the UK and this includes The Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon. This plan gives a simple insight to what its like to train and be nearer the sharp end of the race on race day. You could be training 6-10 times a weeks and will be wise to cherry pick the key sessions and runs placing them into your own mix. Be sure you are recovering well day to day though as this will ultimately decide if the plan is working for you.


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