OSB Events Pre-Race & Race Day Checklist

OSB Events Pre-Race & Race Day Checklist

Posted by on 21st April 2016

We know what a stressful job it can be getting all of your kit together prior to race day. It takes up enough energy wondering if you've left something off the list and it's so frustrating arriving and realising you don't have an essential piece of kit!

With this in mind, we've pulled together the essential kit list. This is the ultimate list created with everything that we've learnt over the many years of taking part in and organising triathlons. 


  • Photo ID (driving license or similar)
  • Triathlon England membership card (if you are a member)


  • Towel for floor to put equipment on
  • Helmet
  • Bike - check brakes work before hand and tyres are pumped up
  • Bike Shoes / trainers - Are you cycling in your trainers or in specific bike shoes? Will you have a different pair of trainers for the run?
  • Timing chip (given on race day - wear round your left ankle) Put on just before you head for the swim
  • Race belt
  • Race numbers (given on race day)
  • Safety pins - if you're pinning numbers to a t-shirt or other top
  • Race stickers (given on race day) - bike sticker will need to go on the bike before you get into transition
  • Talc - you may want to put some in your shoes to make it easier for feet to dry
  • Socks
  • Gels / hydration - for sprint tri, take a water bottle on the bike with High5 2:1 or water. If using a gel on the bike, remember to take it 20 minutes before the run (and don't throw the wrapper on the floor!)


  • Goggles - if you have more than one pair, take two incase one set breaks beforehand
  • Shorts / tri suit - if wearing shorts for swim, remember you need a change of clothes for the bike (remember no nudity in transition!)
  • Flip flops - to walk to transition from the pool
  • Timing chip (as above)


  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Bike shoes / trainers (see above note for transition)
  • Race belt / numbers - number must be facing backwards on the bike
  • Water bottle - make sure its on your bike
  • Socks (if wearing)
  • Bike jacket - it may be cold


  • Running shoes - if changing from bike shoes or using a different pair of trainers from bike leg
  • Socks
  • Hydration - feed station will have high5 / water

Don't Forget 

  • Have FUN!