Open Water Swimming Tips

Open Water Swimming Tips

Posted by on 31st March 2017

Swimming in open water is how swimming was intended. As part of a triathlon, it’s fun and exhilarating, but it can be daunting if you’ve not done much of it before. Here are some tips for the Nottingham Sprint Triathlon from multiple champion, Lucy Gossage, who is a blueseventy sponsored athlete.

  1. Try to visit the venue before your race so that you can start to visualise what you’ll need to do on race day. If that’s not possible, make sure you read the race information thoroughly, ask around your club mates or online forums to get some advice (ignoring any scaremongering!)
  1. Note that this event takes place in wave starts of no more than about 200 athletes per start. That will spread out very quickly so you will be able to get into your own space and rhythm.
  1. If you have any anxiousness at all about the swim, start at the back and swim steadily at first, then build into it. You will find that you’ll start to pass people, which will give you confidence.
  1. Get to know your equipment – wear tried and tested race kit. If it’s new, wear it in training beforehand and try to get into open water at least once before the event if you can.
  1. Allow plenty of time to arrive, register, rack your bike. Remember this is your fun time; relax, take deep breaths, smile, thank the marshals and remember that everyone else is nervous too, it’s totally normal!

Our Nottingham Sprint Triathlon features an open water swim and is the perfect oppotunity to test out the water...Learn More HERE

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