Interview with Jimmy Kershaw

Interview with Jimmy Kershaw

Posted by on 28th April 2017

After beating the course record at Southwell, we just had to have a chat with Jimmy to find out just what he does in training, how he got involved in triathlon and what is next in his calendar…..

How did you find Southwell?

The race went well, I had a ok swim getting out in front, fast T1, and then went hard on the hills on the bike because that is where I am good and then hold on for the flat :) then had a smooth T2 and just got in to my flow on the run I wanted to hit the run out in front as the is my real strength. I got some splits of my coach Steve Lloyd and knew if I keep pushing I could maybe get the record.  I was happy to take the win over some strong men and to take the record from one of the best triathletes we have in the UK which fills me with confidence for the future.

What is your next event? 

I am racing this Sunday (30th May) on the NED (Netherlands) Grand prix league in a team time trial for my team Squadra.

What is your go to swim bike run session to get ready for races?

Seasons I like to do before a race would be:


Day before the race I would do something like 

400m easy swim 

8x50m drill/swim 


3x50m Progressive (faster 1 to 3)

4x100m with really hard first 25 and last 25 but cruise the middle 50 with good strong technique 

200m easy swim making sure 100 of that is done as backstroke as I find that helps my shoulders stay loose



Day before the race I always got for a 90min easy spin with 6x10s max sprint just to wake the legs up and so they are popping for the next day 



I always do an easy 10 min jog from where I am staying then turn around and go through some run drills and then 3 strides thinking about good technique from the drills then just jog back to where I am staying I am normally out for about 25 mins 

Why did you choose triathlon?

I started tri because I was a swimmer from the age of 8 until 11 and already did downhill mountain biking but then a teacher in school asked if I would like to start going to a triathlon club. I went to the club for about two weeks and then they recommended a race. I did the race and managed to win it and have raced every year since and still loving it nearly 10 years in.

Do you class yourself as Pro or a full-time athlete?

I like to think of myself as pro but as I will have to work about 8h a week to pay for food I guess I have to say I am full time with just a small bit of coaching, part time Labour for mates and my small Sports massage business. I am always needing help financially off sponsors who I am very grateful for but at the moment I still have to work to pay some bills and for food. 

It is great to see you as a top athlete and a coach for your local club – What got you into coaching? 

I help out coaching in the club when I can. It all came about when Steve Lloyd of absolute tri asked me to move to Nottingham from Shropshire to become a full-time triathlete, he asked me if I would like to pass on some of my knowledge to the adults and younger ones in the club and I still do that now three years on.


How much training do you do each week? (Hours/miles)


On a normally week my training is about 28-32 h and that splits down into

6-7 swims 

4 runs 

5 bikes 

3 strength and conditioning sessions