Hill Training Sessions

Hill Training Sessions

Posted by on 21st August 2017

Although only one hill is featured in this year’s Lincoln Half Marathon, we know this is something that might be playing on your mind. For some reason hill training is not something that appears on many people’s training plans!

To help make sure you feel confident tackling any hill that you come across, here is one of our favourite hill training sessions:

  • Warm up with walking and easy running for 10 minutes.
  • Run 10-15 minutes of hill repeats.
    • It is best here to run at an easy to moderate effort, where you can just hear your breathing. You don’t want to be crawling up it and feeling like you need a lie down at the end.
    • Run downhill focusing on letting go, opening your stride slightly, striking the ground lightly with your feet just behind your hips (rather than under), and letting the hill pull you down.
  • Cool down running 10 minutes. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that will help you get better and stronger on hills than training on them. We would suggest adding a hill training session to your plan every 7 to 14 days.

Happy Hilling! ????