Have you got a plan? Outlaw training plans available now!

Have you got a plan? Outlaw training plans available now!

Posted by on 21st December 2017

If you’re doing the Outlaw Half Nottingham, then there’s time to enjoy your Christmas break and be ready to start a twenty-week training plan on 1 January. Training plans for all three Outlaw events are available now via our web shop.


When the plans start:

Outlaw Half Nottingham - 20 weeks starting Jan 1

Outlaw Half Holkham - 20 weeks starting Feb 12

Outlaw Full - 20 weeks starting March 12


There’s also a base training plan which is available now to get your ready to go when the 20 week programme starts.


How it works:

When you purchase a training plan online, we will pass your details to our official Outlaw coach, Simon Ward of TheTriathlonCoach.com and he will contact you. He will set you up with a Training Peaks account and have a discussion about your ability, goals and lifestyle before assigning you with a structured plan.


Why follow a plan:

We are well aware that there are plenty of plans available in books, magazines and on the internet. However, you’ll have more chance of achieving success if the plan is specifically tailored towards the Outlaw, and your own personal circumstances.


By having a coach assign you with a plan, it’s also possible to get some help and advice along the way from someone who is qualified to know what he’s talking about. Simon has helped hundreds of people across the Outlaw finishing line, and has been voted 220 Triathlon Magazine’s Coach of the Year four times. Simon will also be there on race day to call you across the line. As far as we are concerned, it’s a small price to pay in order to improve your chances of achieving your goals at Outlaw.


How to sign up:

Simply visit our online shop to sign up for a training plan now, and we’ll put you in touch with Simon (bear in mind that there may be a slight delay on this if we’re eating our Christmas lunch, recovering from a long run (big drink) or helping Santa deliver presents to our kids). Merry Christmas everyone!