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As we move to the latter end of the event season, we wanted to highlight how much we are looking forward to the Robin Hood Duathlon and Trail Runs. Both events take place on 3 November at the stunning Sherwood Pines.

With just a few short months until we will be returning to this awesome venue we spoke with Harry Leleu who took on the Duathlon for the first time last year, only to take home the win!

How did you find the 2017 event?

‘The event was very well organised, I had a lot of fun and it was a good opportunity to test my winter fitness. It was very muddy but that only added to the enjoyment as it was nothing like I had ever done before! It was a fantastic course through the beautiful Sherwood Pines Forest.’

How would you describe the event in three words?

‘Fun, Fast, Exciting.’

Have you taken part previously?

‘2017 was the first year I had taken part in this event.’

What is your sporting background?

‘I have been doing triathlons for around 8 years and I am part of the Loughborough Triathlon Performance Squad based at Loughborough University. I have always enjoyed mountain biking but have only recently integrated it into my training and now racing! I compete around Europe in elite road triathlons, but it has been brilliant to try something different and really challenge myself with off-road racing!’

How do you train for a duathlon?

‘I would try to integrate a weekly or fortnightly 'brick' session. This can be: run-bike, bike-run or the full run/bike/run. I opt for the run/bike/run option as this is ideal physiological training to simulate the fatigue of biking after a fast first run and then running off a hard bike ride. It allows my body to get used to that 'jelly legs' feeling we get running after a hard bike. It also means that you’ve plenty of opportunity to practice your transitions which are a very important part of any race as it does not cost anything to gain time!’

Do you have any advice for people looking to take part this year?

‘My advice for people taking part this year is to not go off too hard on the first run as this can have negative effects to your performance during the latter stages of the bike and on the second run section of the race. Try to gradually build into the race so you have plenty left in the tank for the end of the bike and the second run section. However, the most important piece of advice I can give to any athlete taking part is to enjoy yourself and have fun!’

Whether you fancy a chance at winning one of our events, want to participate for the first time or want to try a distance or event, we welcome all levels and abilities.

Feeling inspired? Sign up for the Robin Hood events following the event links below:

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