5 reasons to get muddy this winter…

5 reasons to get muddy this winter…

Posted by on 11th November 2015

Five reasons to go off road & get muddy!

Triathlon is definitely not just a summer sport. What you do in the winter may well define how your next season goes.

Having a short end of season break is a good thing, but keeping your winter training varied, and including some racing is a great way to get fired up to achieve your goals next spring.

With the Dirty Dash Duathlon coming up, here’s our top five reasons to get filthy this winter:

  1. Do something different: If you’ve never raced off road, you don’t know how much fun it can be. It will challenge you physically and we guarantee it will be brilliant stress relief and fun!
  2. Develop some new skills: If you want to improve your bike handling, or learn to pick your feet up better on the run, then off road duathlons will help a lot. The skills you’ll learn by riding a cheap mountain or cross bike will benefit your riding in terms of selecting the right gears, balance, focus and correct positioning. And the core strength you’ll build will benefit your performances as well as general wellbeing.
  3. Keep the competitive juices flowing: Winter seems very long when the season ends in September and doesn’t get going again until April. That’s a long time not to enjoy the thrill and motivational aspects of racing. There are also physiological benefits in terms the high effort levels needed for racing – so it won’t be such a shock to the system next spring.
  4. Copy the elites: Top level athletes need their off seasons to recover after months of racing and travelling, but you’ll see the likes of Brownlee and Brownlee getting stuck into some fell running events and even adventure races. Autumn cross-country races are full of elite junior and senior triathletes, and they’re usually covered in mud.
  5. Muddy fun: There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors and enjoying what ever the weather throws at you. Don’t forget the warm clothes, and do expect to be caked in mud from top to toe, but we promise you’ll love it! And that hot shower afterwards will be the best ever!

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