5 reasons to get MUDDY at Mud N Madness...

5 reasons to get MUDDY at Mud N Madness...

Posted by on 14th January 2016

Tis the season to get seriously muddy! Whether you're a runner, cyclist or avid golfer, an obstacle race is a fantastic way to have fun with friends, whilst getting fit! Being able to enter as an individual or as a team, means that you can go all guns blazing on your own, or get a group of friends together and have a bit of fun whilst having the support of your team!

Fitness Challenge

We're probably all guilty of favouring one exercise or sport more than the others. Exercises we do regularly soon become routine, which often means that we coast through training sessions without hitting our limit. The Mud N Madness Obstacle Race will push you to your limit on all fronts. From hills, to balance bridges and many more challenges, you certainly won't be able to coast through this!


This is the perfect event to enter as a team, with family or friends. You'll be laughing all the way around, and supporting each other through the good times and the muddy! To top it all off, if you enter as a team you'll receive 5% discount!

For a Laugh!

What better way to spend a Saturday than running around an 8km course, littered with crazy challenges like the river crossings and an assault course... did someone say Space Hoppers?! Come along, laugh at yourself, laugh at everyone else, and get muddy while you're at it!

Meet New People

This is the perfect opportunity to meet like minded (mad) people just like you! This event is all about community and camaraderie which is all reinforced by the collective sense of achievement you feel when you cross the line together...

Sense of Achievement

At the end of the day, once you've collected your medal and had a nice warm bath, you'll be left with an overwhelming sense of achievement! Mud N Madness is like no other race and however you get around, and however long it takes you, it'll be a huge feat which you should (and will) be immensely proud of!

Mud N Madness is on the 6 February 2016 at Stubbers Adventure Centre, Essex. Enter HERE today, and come and get muddy with us!