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Triathlon Relays Championship

Triathlon Relays Championship


24 August 2019




National Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Nottingham, NG12 2LU


Relay x 4 - 500m Swim - 15k Bike - 5km Run Tag Relay



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This event has now moved to www.trisociety.co.uk Click the link to find out more about Tri Society.

"Tri Society is a collaboration of people who have been involved in triathlon, multisport and running since the days when tiny lycra crop tops were normal sporting attire for men, let alone women. The company name was conceived back in the 1990s but was never used as One Step Beyond Promotion grew beyond imagination and later became OSB Events. The expertise and passion for the sport remain strong, but fortunately, we all saw sense and stopped wearing crop tops!"

It's the same familiar faces, just working under a different name.



2018 - Do you want to take on a fun challenge that is like no other triathlon event you have ever entered? All you will need is three friends (they don’t actually have to be your friends – it just helps!) your swimming kit, a bike and your trainers!!

This event has been given the nickname of “Organised Chaos” for all the right reasons! It attracts over 1600 athletes from over 100 different clubs and is full of racing and laughing!

The format is going to be the same as it was in 2017, with all teams racing on Saturday in either the morning or the afternoon sessions depending on the make up of their team.

Each member of the team individually swims 500metres, before tagging their team mate, and so on, and so on, until all four people have completed the swim. Moving onto the 15km bike, each athlete individually completes the 15km bike, until the last team member then tags the first team member to start the 5km run section, with the final athlete finishing in front on the grandstand under the Triathlon England gantry!  


“More organised chaos from OSB :)

A race with a carnival feeling, good tunes from the DJ, bodies everywhere and the sun came out too! Everything you'd expect from OSB, smooth registration, well laid out course, nothing for them to improve on. See you next year for more of the same”

Rich Bridgmount


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