Triathlon Relays - This is how we do it!

Triathlon Relays - This is how we do it!

Posted by on 10th June 2016


The Triathlon Relays are fast approaching and with it being our 25th anniversary, we're getting excited!

We don't want anyone to miss out on this fantastic race, and we know the format can be a little baffling at first, but don't fret, we're going to make it simple!

The Triathlon Relays are split over the Saturday and Sunday of Bank Holiday weekend 27 & 28 August - meaning you can give it your all, knowing you can put your feet up on Bank Holiday Monday!

Saturday 27 August - Triathlon Relays - 500m swim | 15km bike | 5km run

  • Teams of 4 - get a team of 4 together, be it friends, workmates or triclub friends!
  • You get breaks! Each team member will individually complete each section (swim / bike / run) before you all move on to the next discipline, meaning you get a nice break in between to rest and eat!
  • Anyone can enter - Come along and have some fun, to let you in on a secret... that's what it's all about!

Sunday 28 August - Tag Relay - 250m swim | 5km bike | 1.5km run

  • Teams of 4 - Same as Saturday!
  • You don't get breaks! Each person has to complete the entire course before tagging the next team member.
  • This is fast and fun - With such a short, fast course, this is loads of fun and everyone will be cheering!

Sunday 28 August - Team Time Trial - 500m swim | 10km bike | 3km run

  • This follows the same format as the Tag Relay, just further distances!


  • The top 10 teams in each category will battle it out in a unique 4 up style team triathlon - great to watch but even better to take part in!

Enter the Triathlon Relays HERE

If you're still not sure after reading this, are struggling to enter, or you just fancy a nice chat, give us a call!

We're in the office between 9am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Give us a call on 01427 718888

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