Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon 2016 | 1hr 30 Pacer Profiles

Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon 2016 | 1hr 30 Pacer Profiles

Posted by on 12th February 2016


We’ve been in touch with all of our brilliant pacers for the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon 2016 as we wanted to find out a little bit more about the people who will be getting us to the finish line in time!

These are the people to stick with if you’re wanting to hit the 2 hour mark… Keep an eye out for the pacers who will be wearing a pacers t-shirt & a pacers flag!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Cambridge Half Marathon Pacers will be racing on chip times rather than gun time. This will ensure an accurate finish time for all runners wanting to run with the pacers.

Name: John Uff

Age: 34

Best half marathon time: 1:16:48

Favourite half marathon location: Cambridge - hometown

When did you start running? 2009

What or who got you into running? Started running to lose weight

What advice would you give to someone running their first half marathon? Don't set off too quick and enjoy yourself


Name: Kye Liddle

Best half marathon time: 72.58

When did you start running? I got into running at the age of 25 wanting to lose some weight and have a healthier lifestyle, after about a month of running I managed to run a 10k without stopping! I then started to train with a local running club and started to get fast, getting my 10k time under 40 mins, I then Joined C&C athletics club, and benefitted from regular coaching bringing my average 10k times to 33/34mins, which won me a few races. I then got injured and found cycling, which spurred me on to try Duathlon, in which I won quite a few races overall including the AGE GROUP GB racing. Now I’m fatter and slower due to a busy work life, my beautiful daughter and my love for red wine, but can still manage a decent 1.30 half! – I HOPE!

Favorite Running Memories: Training with Mo Farah around London parks before he moved to the states, AGE GROUP world champs in Canada coming 9th overall, beasting David Connell (he thinks he’s amazing at running) on the last 400metres of a 10k track race leaving him way behind on the bell! – I had a mean sprint finish back in the day.

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