OSB Events Triathlon Relays 2017

OSB Events Triathlon Relays 2017

Posted by on 12th April 2017

We love organising the Triathlon Relays, and think it is an exciting event to take part in. But you dont just to take our word for it...John Levison from Hillingdon answered a few questions about the relays:

Which club are you a member of?

I’m a member of Hillingdon Triathletes. We are a club of around 250 athletes; our club ‘base’ is Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Centre, Uxbridge, in the London Borough of Hillingdon. 

Which team did you race for?

I didn’t race personally last year, but I was effectively Team Manager / Co-ordinator, as I have been for most of the past decade. I organise and collate all of the Hillingdon entries / organise the teams / do the online entries and basically, along with my wife Lesley, try to ensure that everyone turns up at the right time! Hopefully by race day they will know what they need to do, where they need to be – and most importantly, enjoy it. It takes quite a few weeks of planning, but the smiles on race day make it worth it.

These days, my ‘on the day’ role at the Relays is as one of the on-site commentators, and it is an absolute pleasure to be part of the OSB team on race weekend.

I did race at the Relays in the early 90’s when I was a member of Loughborough Students Triathlon Club – and I think (!) my last actual race at the Relays was probably about five or six years ago in one of the Hillingdon teams. I seem to remember that I punctured at the furthest point of the course from transition!

How many of your club raced? 

I think we had ten teams racing last year. It is always one of the key focus events for the club every year, and we have had as many as 18 teams in the past! 

Why did you enter the club relays?

The feedback every year is so good. It is an event that truly suits everyone from the very best athletes looking to win overall, through to the novice perhaps taking part in their first ever triathlon. The breaks between disciplines mean that it is even more achievable. The team aspect is another big thing – everyone finds a few extra percent to try and help their team, whether that is at the front or back of the results sheet. Holme Pierrepont provides something of a stadium atmosphere too – it is a great sporting and social event.

It’s also an event we’ve done quite well at over the years, especially in the veteran categories. Hopefully that is something we can continue J  We are a club made up of local athletes and it is always inspiring and motivating to see people that have perhaps joined as novices, then developed as athletes and then finally make the podium as part of a Hillingdon Triathletes team. 

What is your favourite part of a relay triathlon?

It is definitely the social aspect, both within the race and afterwards. It is a different atmosphere to an individual event and something that we look forward to each year. It is certainly one of the highlights of the domestic club scene in my opinion. If you haven’t been yet, you really should try it.

What is your funniest story from a triathlon? 

At the relays a couple of years ago, one of the Hillingdon members was coming down the home straight. He is one of the few to have run every London Marathon, and in my commentary role I was giving him a big welcome… and then he promptly ran into the barriers and tripped over, 20 yards from the finishing line…

Another time Doug Hall, a very experienced and fast GB athlete, was the first athlete off the bike and as he came in I was again giving him the big welcome / praising his amazing cycling to take the lead… and he promptly produced the worst dismount you’ve ever seen and he went one way, his bike went another! Not that I ever remind him J

Why should clubs and teams enter the OSB Events Club Relays this year?

It is traffic free, great viewing, accessible to anyone who can finish the distances and non-stop action all day long. This race is part of the history and development of triathlon in the UK over the past 25 years – long may




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