Clumber Duathlon Top Tips - Matt Bottrill

Clumber Duathlon Top Tips - Matt Bottrill

Posted by on 11th January 2017

The Clumber Duathlon is only a few months away now, and we are hoping that your training is well under way and you are feeling good about the day. 
But to give you a helping hand, we asked Head Coach at Matt Bottrill Performance coaching, Matt Bottrill, to give his top tips on getting prepared for the duathlon…
Matt had a very successful 2016 when it comes to cycling, so decided to turn his hand to triathlons, and had just as much success in that. With highlights including an 8th place in the Outlaw 70.2 and 2nd place in the Clumber Duathlon. Matt has already signed up to take part in the 2017 Clumber Park Duathlon, so seems the perfect fit to share his race tips.
And here they are:
1. If you get chance to look at the course beforehand do so -Its a really well organised race so there's no chance of going off course. But familiarising yourself with the course would be a massive bonus and would save you a lot of time. The run is rolling, along with the bike so its worth looking at the profile of the course or looking at google maps so you know what your training for.
2. Train for the demands of the course - This is where the real gains can be made - pre-planning your race strategy. Everything from pacing, fuelling, and pre-planning your transitions. 
3. Once the goal is set, break this down into small chunks - It might be you want to beat a certain rider but there's no way you can control their situation. So I always advise to work on time difference or focus on a position/placing and let that be your goal for driving you forward.
4. To make your mind stronger, focus on what you want, not what you don't have - This should then be your driving force, every time you train and it hurts think of how good it will feel to achieve your goal.
5. Check your set up - To be in the mind set of feeling invincible you need to know you have looked at every area of your set up, training, bike, position and nutrition. If you and your body are set up and trained and fuelled to perform then there's no stopping you! I'm not saying you need the very best equipment, just everything is functioning and your position is dialled in to fit the bike.


6. Nobody is going to give you the glory you have to work for it - So by pushing beyond the limits you thought you had, you are going to be able to push your mind forwards and handle the suffering that comes with getting the glory!

7. Train your weaknesses - If you only train your strengths then how are you every going to improve?

8. Aim high - Goals need to be realistic but always aim to push past them.

9. Enjoy the glory! - The biggest lesson for me has been to start enjoying what I've achieved. Think of all the dedication and will power it took to get to this point then set your next goal. Keep a constant cycle of progression but don’t forget to remember where you started and be proud of your achievements so far.

10. Learn from failure - This has been the biggest key for me. I had to learn from failure to allow me to succeed. So if something goes wrong write it down and then work out how you can improve on this for next time.

11. Never give up!  - No matter what anybody says or even if you fail. People who say you will never achieve are just dealing with their own insecurities. If you’re focused, determined and dedicated there will be no stopping you. So what are you waiting for its time to #smashitup!

We hope these tips help you get ready, but would love to hear your own tips for being race ready. Tweet us @OSBevents or comment on our Facebook page

Places are selling out fast for the Clumber Duathlon, so dont forget to sign up here! 

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