Cambridge Half Marathon Interview with Cambridge Property Lettings

Cambridge Half Marathon Interview with Cambridge Property Lettings

Posted by on 6th January 2016

This year Cambridge Property Lettings has two staff members, Gill and Mike, running and we thought we’d ask them some questions…

Is this the first time you have run the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon?

Gill -    No, This will be my third time

Mike - Yes

Will you be following a training plan in the run up to the event?

Gill - Yes, I use the training plan from the Windsor Half Marathon, which was the very first half marathon I ran. It works for me, and I get a sense of satisfaction crossing off the days when I've completed the prescribed training.

Mike - I haven't been following a set plan, I've set goals myself with different distances and times that I need to achieve so that I can complete the race in my target time of 1hr 45. Now Christmas is out of the way I will be focusing a lot more on longer distances as the furthest I've ran so far is 12km… stopping with the chocolates and mince pies should help too.

What made you sign up to the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon?

Gill - It was my idea in the first place for Cambridge Property Lettings to sponsor the Cambridge Half, so I thought I ought to make the effort to run it! I had already run a half marathon before, so I knew I could do it with some training. Since the first one, I've aimed to run it every year  (though not always managed it) I think at least one member of staff should represent CPL . I'm slowly whittling down my time.

Mike - I wanted to challenge myself and also to represent CPL as one of the main sponsors out there on the course.

What are you most looking forward to on the race day?

Gill - The start is actually very exciting, and as you are running along there is good camaraderie between runners - people you've never met before chatting to you and encouraging you. It's also great to have the encouragement of the crowds as you run, especially when someone calls out your name. Finishing is of course a great moment of satisfaction.

Mike - The atmosphere of being amongst 7000 other runners and spectators all doing something for a good cause.

What are you most dreading on race day?

Gill - When you get half way and remember you have the same distance to complete… It 's so hard to convince yourself you really can keep going (and convince yourself that you want to!).  Also the last two miles are pretty grim. Every step seems an effort.

Mike - The actual running! Hopefully the sun is out for us to make it a bit less painful!

When did you start running and why?

Gill - I got into running as a cheap way to keep fit when I was living abroad in a place which didn't have gyms or keep fit classes. Then a friend gave me a place on the Windsor Half Marathon as a 40th birthday present! I thought she was mad and that I would never manage it. But I did, and discovered I really enjoyed it.

Mike - I started running a few years ago with my dog to make sure she had plenty of exercise and have been a casual runner on and off ever since. This will be the first time I have a target to reach and I will be taking it seriously.

You can follow Gill and Mike’s progress on Twitter -

Happy New Year and happy training from Cambridge Property Lettings!

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