blueseventy Big Swim Nottingham - Complete

blueseventy Big Swim Nottingham - Complete


22 July 2017


1000 places per race


National Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Nottingham, NG12 2LU


5000m · 2500m · 1500m


£30.00 · £25.00 · £20.00

Course Records

Male: 5000m - 01:03:17, 2500m - 31:27, 1500m - 00:19:48 Female: 5000m - 01:01:20, 2500m - 35:29, 1500m - 00:19:52

Start Time

2.5k / 5k: 13:15
1.5k: 16:00
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Tackle a 1500m, 2500m or even 'go for it' 5000m open water lake swim at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham. Whether you're a novice, experienced open water swimmer or Olympic athlete, this event is a fun challenge that will also help raise money for the Cancer Research UK.

We've welcomed former Olympic swimmers to this event over the years, including Maggie Kelly, Gaynor Stanley, Paul Easter, Kevin Boyd and Greame Smith, as well as a host of brilliant club swimmers. However, the event is aimed at all levels of swimmer, including novices who want to swim in a wetsuit for the first time ever.

Swimming in the long, straight-sided regatta lake makes navigation easy and you have sight of the banks at all times. There are HUGE luminous blueseventy swim buoys for you to aim for and all swimmers will be helped out of the water and handed their finishers medals on completion. You can use any front strokes you wish to complete your chosen distance.

The blueseventy Big Swim Nottingham is open to swimmers of all ages from 11 upwards. We can't promise the water will be warm, but you do have the option to wear a wetsuit if you wish - and there are plenty of lovely hot showers for afterwards! Blueseventy will be on site along with TFN selling great-value entry level (and top end) wetsuits.

We'd recommend all beginners, and those who feel the cold, to wear a wetsuit - it will help keep you warm as well as more buoyant in the water. Experienced swimmers can wear any swimwear - even illegal swimskins!

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